Dai Bai Dang

Unparalleled Asian cuisine, Dai Bai Dang offers great food and a show for its customers. This award winning restaurant sets the mood for any customer who comes in, business or casual, and will be sure to have you come back. This project was the second for this client and we needed to upgrade their site. The goal for this project was to create a responsive web site so they could continue to be linked within search.

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Dia Bai Dang

We previously designed a very creative flash media to display their content. With a viewable menu, bar, and tons of pictures, the most impressive aspect of the website is the 360° view inside and outside Dai Bai Dang. For this second project we went with a simplistic approach to the web site. After reviewing the analytics we removed the unimportant elements from the web site. This allowed us to focus on getting the information the visitors to the web site wanted..