"Responsive Design" Means a Better Web Experience

"Responsive Design" Means a Better Web Experience

All companies know they have to be responsive to the ever-changing needs of their clients. The world of web design and web development needs to quickly adopt this same concept. Your web site customers are not just coming to your site on a desktop browser, they are also coming on their smartphones and tablets. Have you thought about or tested how responsive your web site is to these different screen sizes and platforms? If you haven’t, you should – quickly!

Web developers are quickly learning that they need to provide multiple experiences for each of these platforms. Responsive web design is quickly being adopted by industry leaders to provide web sites that automatically scale and adapt to these different devices. The goal of responsive design is to provide the best user experience no matter what screen size the viewer is using.

So what does a responsive web site look like?

Many times you would never know that a web site was responsive because the design has been adjusted for you automatically. If you have a smartphone and use the Internet to browse web sites, you have probably noticed that some web sites provide the same experience on your phone as they do on your computer. Some web sites have upgraded to include a mobile view experience which is definitely a step up for providing a better customer experience.

Most responsive designs have at least two responsive points: one for a desktop browser size and one for mobile smartphone users. The more aggressively designed responsive sites include a size point for desktop browsers, notebooks, tablets, and smartphones. If you have a 10-inch tablet you can see some of these changes by rotating from portrait view to landscape view while viewing a web site. It can be fun to see how some of these sites react to the changes in views.

A fun test to see if a web site is built using responsive design principles is to make your desktop browser more and more narrow. As you drag the browser to become narrower, you will see the web site adjust to the smaller sizes if it has a responsive design. Give it a try by playing with our web site. Also, take a look at it on your mobile phone and a tablet to see and experience the difference.